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Get feed by Mother Nature

Posted 13 Sep 2017

We practiced to feed the food just for a duty, that is why we are feeding the food using plastic plates which is highly ... Read More

Health of ou Environment

Posted 04 Sep 2017

Those aspects of the human health and disease that are determined by factors in the environment. It also refers to the t... Read More

Independence Pledge

Posted 16 Aug 2017

Every day makes us to meet new people. Every day gives us new experiences. Every day makes us to gain new knowledge.... Read More

Oxygen from Trash Bin

Posted 10 Aug 2017

The garbage we are throwing  is not going somewhere longer to us, it's getting back to us in another form. T... Read More

Plastic talks to Nature

Posted 23 May 2017

The Epic Nature and a terrific plastic had a heartfelt conversation!  Plastic Food Container:  Am being he... Read More

What we have given back to our Nature?

Posted 23 May 2017

It's just easy to talk about the environment issues but not easy to create an environment what we are looking for un... Read More