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Styrofoam affects all

Posted 02 Aug 2017

You may want to think twice about drinking coffee from a foam cup or eating hot food from a foam takeout container. The ... Read More

Harmful we are feeding

Posted 02 Aug 2017

These innocents are the major sufferers of this harmful material. THE PICTURE EXPLORES THE STORY...! Save Nature D... Read More

Food with virus container

Posted 14 Jul 2017

Even though we are eating in banana leaf, we people keep on eating with the plastic spoon. Don't we have a rights... Read More

Toxic Coffee

Posted 14 Jul 2017

Nature got dumped with Toxic coated cups.... 1) Would you love to drink tea/coffee mixed with    toxic? 2) ... Read More

The poisonous kitchen where we are cooking daily!

Posted 23 May 2017

Spend your time to expand your lifespan out from TOXIC! ( Read carefully) Every household contains Toxic! Eating g... Read More