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War by Human to Human

Posted 12 Sep 2017

Let's start kill by the way gets killed. Every time you are hurting nature will come back to you. Without cari... Read More

There is no Alternative for Mother Earth

Posted 06 Sep 2017

The modern world can give  alternative for everything, except HER. Yes but nothing could be an alternative for ... Read More

Evaluation of Humans

Posted 19 Jul 2017

The great & grand evaluation over the years! We humans are thinking that no one is superior than us.  But..... Read More

Nature speaks

Posted 16 Jul 2017

What you take from the earth, you must give back. That’s nature’s way.” There is a way that Nature ... Read More

LOVE to live with MOTHER (NATURE)

Posted 14 Jul 2017

I LOVE TO LIVE WITH MY MOTHER (NATURE). Save Nature Do Agriculture...! #ecogreenfoundation #eco #farming #agricult... Read More


Posted 04 Jul 2017

Indeed Connections....! can be customized but not the MOTHER NATURE... We humans are being in earth by Nature, not the N... Read More