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Intresting Fact about PLASTIC

Posted 09 Aug 2017

The picture explains you, how not to do shopping...!  Save Nature Do Agriculture...!  #ecogreenfoundat... Read More

Posted 02 Aug 2017

None of us used to negotiate the plastic spoon in hotels when we are having hand with five fingers. Each one of us is... Read More

Alternatives for Plastics

Posted 19 Jul 2017

Don't get kill yourselves. You can't replace the Mother Nature...!  Use cloth bags in order to avoid ... Read More

The Plastic is Killing us

Posted 17 Jul 2017

Every piece of single use plastic is reducing the life span of our life. Every piece of single use plastic is reducin... Read More

All Plastic harm the Earth

Posted 14 Jul 2017

ADVERSE HEALTH EFFECTS OF PLASTICS In addition to creating safety problems during production, many chemical additives... Read More