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Projects » Why Eco Green?

Why Eco Green?

Eco green projects: “Your one stop shop for Eco friendly home products”.

A good way would be to start with conserving water, driving less and walking more, consuming less energy, buying recycled products, eating locally grown vegetables, joining environmental groups to combat air pollution, creating less waste, growing more trees and many more.

Due to plastic pollution and awareness of this kind of Eco friendly  and Bio degradable items there is a growing demand for leaf plates and cups in global level.

This particular project has been developed before 9 years. This project has been aimed as a community based development program, income generating Activity, poverty alleviation program.

The beneficiaries Are:-

  • Areca Nut farmers (An Extra Income through wasted leaves)
  • Leaf collection Labors.
  • Transporters
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Consumers


This “Wealth from Waste” concept is an ongoing process by Eco Green Foundation. We manufacture high quality machinery for Areca Leaf Products. For inquiries by mail us at ecogreenfoundations@gmail.com.

We promote self-Help Groups, Unemployed Youth, Entrepreneurs. By Training, Supply of Raw Material, Technical know-how, and buy back the finished products.

Eco plates (our brand Name Regd.)


Eco Plates are 100% natural palm leaf plates. The production process doesn’t require added chemicals or heavy infrastructure. After the use the plates can be left to the ground where they compost in around two months. The plates can be also burned without the fear of releasing chemicals.

Natural production process

The leaves of the areca palm tree (Areca Catechu) are picked up from the ground, soaked in hot water and compressed to a form of a design plate between two hot casts. When the plate cools down it will harden to a form which can endure even a bit harder use.

The production process doesn’t require cutting or harming of the trees. The production process is natural and environmental friendly from beginning the end.

Durable and natural material

In looks and functionality the material has wood like qualities. It will durable without bending a greater force, it resists heat and the texture of the leaf offers esthetic and natural looks.

Social Responsibility

No trees to cut.

0% Chemical but 100% healthy and hygienic.

Easily Biodegradable and naturally that can be composted max of 20 days.

Eco Plates and food containers are the remarkable resource gifted by nature and thus the great alternative for Plastic and Styrofoam plates and containers.

Can be used for serving food items in Parties, Functions, Hotels, Restaurants, and Buffets.